Family Thought They Adopted A ‘Dog’, But When The Vet Sees It He Calls The Police

Family Thought They Adopted A ‘Dog’, But When The Vet Sees It He Calls The Police

Angelo thought that he had just adopted a normal pitbull for his family, but this could not be further from the truth. He had the animal in his house for about 3 weeks and actually was completely oblivious to the reality of the situation. Only when he brought it to the vet, Angelo was confronted with the cold hard facts.

Adopting animals is like how you adopt children, you never really know how they act or react to you till you bring them home. Their best behavior or how they seem in the shelter or foster home can still change without you knowing. He had made a big mistake adopting this creature…

What was going on?

This family never thought that they would encounter such a scenario since they only wanted to welcome a new member to the family ready to love them wholeheartedly. Who would have thought that an adorable animal could have been the worst decision they have ever made?

Angelo was sure what to think. He needed answers and he had no idea what was going on to the extent of the dangers involved. The vet didn’t speak a word to him when he took the dog away. What was going on? He had just brought Tiger in to have his stomach checked, but it felt like there was a lot more going on here that Angelo was not being informed about…

The police were called

We all know that calling the authorities or getting the authorities involved never ends well. So did Angelo, who needed to get extra assistance with regard to what was happening, and calling them was the best decision he had made. He would rather get the authority’s help rather than endanger his family with this animal.

The vet returns to the waiting room 10 minutes later. Without Tiger. Before Angelo could even question where he was, the vet informed them that he had just called the police and that they were on their way. He wanted to get answers, but he was also really nervous. Angelo was shocked…

So Naive…

When you seek assistance from professionals, or vets, in this case, you expect them to be a helping hand rather than the person that would be keeping your pet from you. Angelo knew about the dangers and what was troublesome, but he would rather have answers first. Instead, he was taking a backseat.

Angelo demanded his dog back. He was scared, but he still loved his pet. But when the vet started explaining himself, it suddenly made sense to him. How could he have been so naive? But what was going on with Tiger? Why was the police called and would Angelo ever see his beloved dog again?

The dog he wanted

There are people that have a specific breed for their family, you can tell a dog and its character with its breed. They can either be cuddly and fun or aggressive and strong. Either way, you already have an idea of how they will be trained and how they would grow up to be if you get them, as a puppy.

From the moment Angelo looked this big black creature in the eyes, he knew this was the dog he wanted. In a heartbeat, he got this breed because it was something that he looked forward to as a kid. Not one of those cute tiny pipsqueaks his wife Tania had been begging for. He wanted a real dog that made him more masculine, and this seemed the perfect fit.

Unlikely pattern

The dog seemed to like it was more of a different creature than a household pet, but Angelo had a feeling that these streaks made the dog even more special to him. It was also the dog that he could see protecting the family if something bad happened despite how nice and tamed he is during the adoption process.

Angelo had to admit that he had never seen this species before. It was weird and different at the same time, but that’s what made him even more special. In fact, he couldn’t even describe what he was looking at himself. He was pretty sure the species resembled a pit bull, but the pattern on its fur made him doubt it. Angelo thought it was pretty cool and unique.

Never seen this species before

Comparing several types of dogs and the breeds that they have makes you wonder whether or not what type of dog suits your personality. A dog is a man’s best friend but the thing is, you already have a breed comparison since they are either popular online or their points of origin showcase the same character they grow up with.

But again, he has little knowledge of all the different descendants within dog breeds. When he struck up a conversation with one of the employees of the shelter, he got only a bit of a vague answer. He didn’t understand completely, but he didn’t care. He had other things to worry about…

Convincing his wife

When a man has decided to get a breed of dog to be part of the family, usually, the wife would be contrary to the decision they have in mind. The dog Angelo wanted to have character, and looked vicious and aggressive but was a total fluff when they met. His wife on the other hand saw the dog as what it was portrayed to be.

The main thing was to convince his wife Tania that this was the right dog for the family. All he had to defend himself were the statements of the employee. Such things as: « It’s the sweetest dog we’ve ever had in our shelter » and « He’s doing a great job with kids ». He hoped it was enough to convince her.

Finalizing the process

When his wife gave him the go signal, all he had to do was process the adoption to ensure that he gets the dog. Convincing his wife may have been challenging and could be a struggle in itself, but when he got her to say yes, he immediately rushed to the shelter and adopted Tiger.

Angelo finalized the adoption process that same afternoon. Even though the shelter apparently liked the dog a lot, they were very happy to see him go as well. They said it was because he had already been around here way too long for a dog of that kind. But were they telling the truth?

Driving home

Looking at the decision made, he was curious whether or not it would be the best idea since Tiger wasn’t the most appealing when it came to the extent that pets are supposed to be cuddly and friendly. As minutes and seconds went by he became worried about how the kids and his wife would react and if something bad would happen.

While driving home, Angelo began to have some doubts about his choice. The dog, which has been given the name Tiger, is so big that it can scare children off. It was at that moment, that the dog laid his head on Angelo’s lap. As quickly as his doubts surfaced, so quickly they disappeared.

Too good to be true?

What shocked Angelo, even more, is the fact that he didn’t expect Tiger to act in the manner that it did. Rather than being the aggressive and unfriendly animal that he looked like, he was the sweetest and most loveable dog when he was brought home. Instead of feeling worried, Angelo felt relief.

Angelo felt himself glowing; he felt like he had hit the jackpot! It was kind of a best-of-both-worlds situation. The dog looked very badass and was also very tame and sweet, which is what Tania and their children were looking for in a dog. But isn’t it all a bit too good to be true?

Arriving home

Angelo was so excited to welcome Tiger to the family because after convincing his wife and processing the papers, it was a done deal. All Angelo had to do next was settle in with Tiger and enjoy the bonding experience they would build as time progressed. He wanted to teach Tiger tricks, potty trains him, go for walks, and so much more.

As Angelo pulled into the driveway and got out of the car, he could feel Tania’s eyes burning through the window. He hesitated for a moment, then pulled Tiger out of the car. He saw that she looked even angrier, but that was to be expected. Luckily he was going to get strong support from an unexpected place.

Pure excitement

Kids are a fan of animals in so many ways, they find a new member of the family and they welcome them to the extent that they want to know how they can play with them. Angelo’s kids on the other hand treated Tiger with the same level of excitement he had when he processed the papers.

When Angelo started to open the door, his two children were already standing in the doorway. Andre and Cindy were over the moon, so excited as they were! They petted him without any form of hesitation, which he obviously liked. He started wagging his tail and immediately seemed to feel at ease.

Hugging the dog

You may be terrified to have a huge animal licking or even come close to your kids, but Angelo was optimistic that Tiger would do no harm. Instead of his kids being scared and running away, they immediately leaped with joy and hugged the new member of the family with no hint of fear.

Even though Tiger was very enthusiastic, he seemed to hold back in expressing it. As Tania walked wide into the hallway, the first thing she saw was the kids hugging the « big scary dog. » Tiger, in turn, handed out a few playful licks. Angelo couldn’t stop smiling. This was all he hoped for.

Noticing something odd

The more Tiger reacted in a manner that worried Angelo, the more he wanted to know if Tiger was sick or if there was something wrong that he had to get to the bottom of. Instead of letting it slip by, it had him thinking of how it can be adapted to and how to resolve the issue.

She could not possibly stay mad after seeing this, but she would be damned if she was not going to keep a very close eye on this new addition to the family. Every family member should be taken care of and Tiger is already part of it. It wouldn’t be long before Tania started noticing some strange things with the dog in the following weeks…

A very kind and social dog

Not all dogs are a fan of being surrounded by random people, it takes time for them to adapt, and exposing them to random people also takes training for them to react in a social manner. Tiger on the other hand was easily accepted by people and he welcomed them with open arms as well.

The first thing Tania noticed was that Tiger was always very kind and sociable around people. It doesn’t matter how old they are or how they react to him. Many of them were very afraid of him from the moment they saw him. How good he was with people, how bad was he with other dogs…

Defensive behavior

We all know how dogs choose to react in a defensive manner when they are exposed to danger. Naturally, they would attack or try to protect their owner once they see a form of danger that could harm them. The great thing about dogs is that they barely think of themselves and focus more on protecting.

At times when Tiger saw other dogs of his own size or even bigger, he started showing extremely defensive and aggressive behavior. It wasn’t that he attacked or moved other dogs, but still, he showed his teeth and kept them in his sight at all times. Grizzling at them and growling should have worked, but it didn’t.

Going berserk

Tania was pretty sure that if one of those dogs made a move on him, Tiger would be capable of absolutely going berserk on the other dog. She wasn’t afraid of being attacked since she had someone protecting her. In the short time that the dog lives with the family, Angelo has almost experienced it.

Angelo went to a dog playing field and saw a German Shepherd. He already thought this could turn into a fight, so he kept Tiger close to him. As they got closer, it started to escalate. Luckily both dogs were on a very strong lease, but both Angelo and the owner of the german shepherd had to do everything in their power to hold their dogs back.

Eating things he shouldn’t eat

To continue going about the things that stood out to Tania in the first week: there was another incident with Tiger that would end up becoming really significant for the family. There was more than meets the eye and that’s what happened. You see, Tiger had the habit of eating a lot of things he shouldn’t…

In most cases, it isn’t even such a bad thing, as it only made Tiger a little bit sick. That’s practically what dogs do or they would destroy everything in sight yet still smile after. This usually went away after a few days after the dog felt as good as new again. But one day, after he ate something wrong, his health suddenly started to plummet…

Immediate action

The family had no idea what he might have eaten. What they did know right away was the fact that this wouldn’t just go away. Dogs usually would dispose of what they ate in a few hours, but Tiger didn’t. That’s why Angelo didn’t hesitate for a moment and called the vet to ask if they could come by urgently.

While they only had the dog for about 3 weeks by now, they had grown incredibly attached to the animal. He had become a big part of the family that they could not stand to lose. But this would turn out to be a real possibility and not even necessarily because of the mysterious illness.

Regretting his decision

The trip to the vet would be an event Angelo would never forget. He had decided to go by himself so Tania could watch the kids. But he would end up wishing that he had brought them along as support. It was urgent and they had to take action. Tiger’s condition was worse than the moment they left the house…

When Angelo arrived at the vet’s office, he needed to wait a bit before he could be helped. He had an appointment, but it was extremely busy that day so everything was running a bit late. Rather than staying calm, it made Angelo worry even more. Angelo was just sitting there waiting nervously.

Drawing attention

While Angelo was waiting, he noticed that Tiger was drawing much attention. This was something he was already used to because the fur of his furry friend has a very special pattern. Not much later, he got pretty tired of all those people snapping pictures of them. But that wasn’t even the worst…

The longer Angelo and Tiger were waiting, the more people started paying attention to the dog. It’s as if everything was getting worse rather than better. Each and every one of them wanted to see the dog up close and take a picture of it. They too had never seen such a pattern. Angelo got a little stuffy…

Angelo was stressed

Normally Angelo would not mind that all those people asked him questions. Sometimes you just have those days when you don’t feel like talking to strangers. Let today be just such a day. He was stressed about his dog’s health and didn’t want to take any time to answer questions from strangers.

It took a very long time before it was his turn, and by now new people had arrived at the clinic. There was something wrong and Angelo couldn’t do anything about it. A crowd started to form around him and Tiger. Everyone in the waiting room seemed so interested in his dog, that they nearly forgot about their own sick pets.

Searching a solution

Angelo got fed up with it and went to the service desk to ask if it wasn’t possible to be helped immediately. All the crowd’s attention didn’t do Tiger any good either, as he seemed to be getting stressed. Angelo was already feeling so sorry for Tiger, as he only seemed to get weaker…

Unfortunately, it was not possible to be helped immediately, because the vet was still busy with a difficult surgery. However, the employee agreed that this was not an ideal situation for them, after which they were escorted to an empty office space where they could wait in peace.

Soon there is more help

A young student, who was training at the vet, entered the room to meet them and to write down what Tiger’s problem was. They were able to assess the situation and take action. She did this so she could already think of what could be wrong and find a possible solution, but also to make the process quicker for the vet.

When Angelo indicated that the dog seemed to be in a lot of pain in his stomach, the student determined that it was caused by something he ate that could not be digested. A minor surgical procedure was the most likely solution. Angelo said aloud that he felt relieved that they could go home soon, but that turned out not to be the case at all…

Attention to the strange appearance

Just like the people in the waiting room, the student’s attention was mainly drawn to the strange appearance of the dog, rather than actually investigating the problem. The difference with the crowd in the waiting room was that she said nothing about it to Angelo, like all the others. At least, not yet…

After waiting for another five minutes, the vet finally walked into the empty office space where Angelo and Tiger were waiting. He looked quite tired and there were blood spatters on the sleeves of his white coat. Angelo felt a strange, inexplicable feeling. It was obvious that he had not even taken the time to change and rest up a bit after the surgery.

The vet didn’t talk

Angelo was happy that Tiger apparently had so much priority, but he was afraid that maybe he should be worried that something was seriously wrong. The vet didn’t say much, making it uncomfortably quiet in the already empty room. He just inspected the notes his student had made and then closely inspected Tiger.

But he did not seem to focus on the problem areas his student stated. He was mainly just doing a full inspection of the dog. After completing the inspection, Angelo was told he could sit in the waiting room while they perform minor surgery on Tiger. « We want to see what is stuck in his stomach.

It was a simple procedure

Don’t be scared, he needs to be put under anesthesia, but that will only be for a short time ». This made Angelo nervous but the vet managed to calm him down. The vet told him it was a fairly simple procedure that he’s done thousands of times. Angelo did not have to worry about this, he would have to be worried about something very different.

After waiting for about 20 minutes his name was called at the reception desk. He walked towards the reception, after which suddenly two officers walked into the building. He thought it was remarkable, but didn’t pay much attention to it. Until the vet walked out of his office. Without Tiger.

The vet called them

The vet pointed the officers in the direction of Angelo and said: « That’s him ». He didn’t understand what was going on and looked behind him to make sure there was no one behind him whom the vet might have meant. At that point, the vet started explaining why he called the police…

Before the vet could give an explanation, the officers started asking him questions about Tiger. It was at that moment that Angelo started to panic. What the hell is going on? He came here because his dog was sick and in need of help! He just wanted his dog back and to leave, but that wasn’t going to happen.

Angelo was getting angry

Angelo started getting angry. He wouldn’t answer any questions about his dog at all. At first, he wanted to know how the surgery went and then be reunited with Tiger. He glared at the vet and yelled: « What the hell are these cops doing here? » Then they started giving an explanation.

The stripes that Tiger has on his fur are not lack pigment as Angelo and the rest of his family had always thought. It was actually ripped hide that had recovered a bit over time. This pit bull did not have a happy existence before meeting Angelo. It’s as if Tiger has gone through so much even before being adopted.

Who was responsible

The officers had come to the vet after several reports about the dog. There were a few people who had seen such cases of animal cruelty before and reported them immediately. After the vet recognized the dog, he immediately decided to call the police. They thought Angelo was responsible for this treatment but Angelo directed them to the shelter.

Angelo was completely shaken up by what he just had been told by the police officers. How could he ever be so naive to think these stripes were natural?! He felt terrible as he pictured what Tiger must have gone through. He didn’t regret the decision because he was amazed by what the dog has gone through.

Adopting the dog

Angelo blamed his lack of knowledge about dogs but felt immensely guilty. He should have never just adopted this poor dog like this and immediately brought him to the police so that they could have started to find out who was responsible. Fortunately, this was not too late. During all this time and discussion, the surgery on Tiger was actually being performed.

Angelo was boiling with anger and wondered aloud who could ever do this to a dog. Luckily with the help of the expertise of the vet, Angelo managed to get Tiger back to perfect health. He still went to the vet every few months for a check-up, but as long as Angelo was able to keep him from eating any unfamiliar objects, he would be just fine.

The police arrested someone

The police eventually managed to trace the horrible treatment back to the breeder and when it was proven that this man did this to more Pitbulls, he was arrested and charged. Even better: he was not going to be able to do this ever again! Rather than a sour ending, everything turned out to be a huge misunderstanding.

Rather than having breeders who illegally do the same thing they did to Tiger get away, the authorities took immediate action and stopped it at the source. Needless to say, nothing like that would happen in the near future and everyone was safe after the whole misunderstanding.

*This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment. Characters and events are the products of the author’s imagination. The images shown are used for illustration only.

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